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Full Facial Rejuvenation

To fully understand what is needed to be done for a full facial rejuvenation the aging process must be well understood.

Dr. Amadi thoroughly explains the aging process to his patients and the natural effects that aging has made on their appearance. We all would love to age gracefully and a full facial rejuvenation can ‘turn the clock back’ sort of speak to allow you to look just as energetic and vibrant as you feel on the inside. 

The signs of aging we see in our appearance are the result of the gradual  depletion of bone structure and tissues below our skin that provide shape, dimension, and volume to our face. Aging is a dynamic process, and what happens to one layer of tissue directly affects the appearance of another. Over time we lose elasticity and volume of our subcutaneous soft tissues (fat, muscle, and fascia), our bones slowly breakdown and become thinner, and our subcutaneous tissue is slowly redistributed due to the gradual depletion and separation of fat, muscle,and tissue. 

Though the eyes are often the central focus of the face, the ideal facial rejuvenation has to address the lower face and neck to achieve upper-lower face harmony. The lower face aging changes that need to be identified include loss of lip volume and projection,  jowling seen at the jawline, a receding chin due to bone loss, and fat accumulation in the neck.




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