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iS Clinical skincare addresses aging skin by using exfoliants to improve skin texture and providing high grade serums to protect and restore vital hydration. 

Aging skin is one of the most common skin concerns. iS Clinical skincare products are designed to create incredible skin in four easy steps. These steps align with Amadi Aesthetics Plastic Surgery skincare philosophy: Cleanse, Treat, Hydrate, and Protect.

We are proud to offer iS Clinical skincare products at Amadi Aesthetics Plastic Surgery. iS Clinical by Innovative Skincare is our premium cosmeceutical skincare line helping our clients challenged with specific skin conditions keep their skin vibrant and healthy. You can have confidence in knowing that many of our products are supported by independent clinical studies granted by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our providers to discuss a customized treatment plan designed to provide optimal skincare results.

Give us a call today at 206-216-4500, if you would like to schedule your complimentary consultation with our Master Esthetician to see which of these products would most benefit you! 



Frequently Asked Questions

Are iS Clinical products suited for sensitive skin?

Yes, iS Clinical Products are gentle for sensitive skin because they contain:

No parabens

Zero sulfates

No chemicals that can cause irritation

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