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Epionce Peels

The Epionce Peels provide maximum cell turnover with minimal irritation and peeling - with little to no downtime.

Epionce is a physician-strength skin care line created by clinical dermatologist, Dr. Carl Thornfeld.  Rooted in hard science, Epionce integrates over 20 years of clinical skin research. Epionce formulas are botanically based and optimized to improve skin function by reducing inflammatory factors while improving barrier strength. 

The Epionce Peel System was developed for professional administration under physician supervision to help reduce the appearance of acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. It provides maximum cell turnover with minimal irritation and peeling - with little to no downtime. The system contains four interchangeable products, and is customizable to meet any treatment goal. 


Epionce Lite Peel: Refresh

Lite Peel: Refresh (pH 2.9) is an effective solution for improving skin clarity and refreshing the skin in one simple step. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin (and Fitzpatrick I-VI), it leaves the skin smoother, more radiant and less congested. A "lunch-time" peel leaving skin refreshed with a post-treatment glow.


Epionce sal-e Peel

Lipophilic sal-e formula penetrates and cleans out pores to encourage cell turnover. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties improve skin clarity and texture. To refine pores, improve radiance, and reduce acne symptoms. Suitable for all skin types; Fitzpatrick I-V. 




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