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When it comes to Double Eyelid Surgery, sometimes called Asian Blepharoplasty, you must choose a surgeon that has detailed knowledge of the Asian eyelid, is supremely skilled in their craft and, just as importantly, has an understanding of the unique results you desire. You NEED a surgeon that listens! Dr. Amadi has spent over 19 years performing double eyelid surgery, has published research on the subject, and has traveled overseas to South Korea to train and master his skill with internationally renowned Asian Eyelid Surgery Specialists. Dr. Amadi is well-versed and knowledgeable in the different subtleties of Asian eyelid anatomy and will spend the time to understand your individual needs and desires. More than any other surgery that Dr. Amadi performs, Double Eyelid Surgery requires a surgeon who listens to the patient, and who establishes a surgical plan that matches the desired goal to the unique anatomy.

The goal of the Asian Blepharoplasty is not to reconstruct a Caucasian or “Western” eyelid, but rather to achieve a natural crease and fold that is commonly seen in normal Asian anatomy. “Double eyelid" surgery creates a natural Asian eyelid crease. Many patients have a low but defined upper eyelid crease. This crease allows for the lid to be broken up into two visible parts which is known as a “double eyelid,” and eyelids that show little signs of a crease are referred to as a “single lid” or “monolid.”

There are subtle differences between the Asian eyelid and other ethnic groups. In the past, the goal of Asian eyelid surgery for surgeons and patients was the Caucasian look and this made for an unnatural looking appearance. Dr. Amadi takes into account your unique ethnic features to provide a beautiful and natural looking result.

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