Epicanthoplasty (Medial)

The Medial Epicanthal Fold plays a distinct role in the formation and appearance of the eyelid crease.

A medial epicanthoplasty is commonly performed together with double eyelid surgery. In some cases some of the medial epicanthal fold may be removed to allow for a natural outfold crease to form without tension and scarring. The goal of a medial epicanthoplasty is to release or partially release and excise the medial epicanthal fold, which is a fold comprised of excess skin present in the inner corner of the eyes. The removal of some of this skin can make the eye appear more open and awake. Alternatively, sometimes skin removal is not necessary, and a subtle, elegant repositioning of skin will achieve the needed result with minimal visible scarring. However, almond-shaped eyes seen in people of Asian descent is partly due to the formation of the epicanthal fold, therefore it is up to you how much or how little of this fold is removed.  



Epicanthoplasty (Medial) Procedures
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