Eyelid Procedures

Your eyes are often the first feature people notice about you, and they are the focal point of your face during a conversation.

 As we age, the structures of the eyelid lose tone and sag leading to a change of the shape of the eyes. This process can be accelerated by environmental (i.e. sun damage and smoking) and hereditary factors. This leads to excess, puffy, or lax skin, and stretched-out muscles leading to a more tired or aged appearance. An “eyelid lift” is a commonly used term to describe surgery performed to rejuvenate the eyes/eyelids. However, this term doesn’t accurately describe the different procedures that achieve periocular rejuvenation. The main procedures used to improve the appearance of the eyelids via a “lift” include Blepharoplasty (upper and/or lower eyelids) and Ptosis repair (upper eyelid).

Eyelids Procedures


Pronounced "blef-a-ro-plasty", this is the most commonly performed facial cosmetic procedure in both men and women.

Eyelid Ptosis Repair

Eyelid Ptosis (pronounced "toe-sis") is the medical term for drooping of the upper eyelid(s).

Eyelid Retraction Repair

Lower eyelid retraction is a condition where the lower eyelid sags too low on the surface of the eye, sitting below the lower edge of the cornea.

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