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"I chose Dr. Amadi for several reasons, first and foremost I wanted a specialist in blepharoplasty and he is a highly accredited Ocular Surgeon.

I did a lot of research and he was the best in my area, his credentials, reviews, and amazing before and after photos won me over. When I came to his office for a consult I was greeted by his front office staff, an incredibly warm and caring woman named Christian. She has been so kind and helpful throughout this experience. Then I met Dr. Amadi and I immediately felt at ease with his wonderful bedside manner. He answered all my questions and recommended I have a Transconjunctival Bleph with fat repositioning. I appreciate that he stressed a conservative approach and didn't over promise. I was so pleased with the visit that I didn't see anyone else and booked my surgery. The surgery went well it took longer than I was billed for because my left eye had more fat and it took more manipulation to get the fat to lay down flat. I so appreciate Dr. Amadi taking the extra time to make sure the job was done right. It's such delicate work and he sculpted my face beautifully. I had quite a bit more swelling on the left eye which he told me would happen because of the extra time on that eye. I followed the post operative care to a T and within 4 days my swelling went down substantially. At one week I had my stitches taken out and within a few days the stitch marks were already filling in and virtually gone. He had an ingenious way of stitching on top of little gauze squares so you don't get indents in your check. Within 10 days all that's left is a slight bit of bruising but 99% of the swelling is gone, and most importantly NO MORE BAGS!! :) I would highly recommend Dr. Amadi for anyone looking for this type of surgery, I am beyond pleased and will definitely come back to him for any work in the future!"

- Blepharoplasty Patient Seattle, WA

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From start to finish I experienced an excellent standard of care.

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