If you're looking for a skin treatment that can address a variety of skin concerns and give you a glowing complexion, look no further than HydraFacial.

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What is Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial is a non-invasive, multi-step facial treatment that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection, resulting in radiant, healthy-looking skin.

One of the biggest advantages of Hydrafacial over other facial treatments and skin rejuvenation procedures is that it is customizable to all skin tones and types. Hydrafacial is quickly becoming one of the most popular skin treatments for both men and women.

What can I expect during a Hydrafacial?

This three-step treatment uses a patented hand-held device to evoke nourished, rejuvenated skin. Different attachments are used on the device through the process to remove dead skin cells, extract impurities from pores, and to apply a mild peel, antioxidants, and other hydrating, anti-aging serums directly to the skin.

1. Cleanse and Exfoliate

The first step is a deep cleanse and mild peel. In this step, dirt and makeup are lifted from the skin with a deep cleaning solution, applied with a pen-like attachment that whisks away impurities. Next, the skin is exfoliated with a mild peel composed of a combination of glycolic and salicylic acids that are applied to the skin to remove the top layer of dead skin cells.


Blackheads are then suctioned out using a tip called the “vortex-extraction nozzle.” This step stimulates lymphatic drainage and encourages circulation while removing anything left behind deep within the pores in step one.

3. Hydration

Next, your skin will be hydrated using a customized serum made up of peptides, collagen, antioxidants and a possible 11 boosters. Depending on your skin condition and desired results, these boosters can diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin firmness, and address other targeted concerns.

Finally, once your Hydrafacial is complete and before you leave your provider’s office, you will have moisturizer and SPF protection applied to your skin.

What conditions does Hydrafacial treat?

What are the key benefits of Hydrafacial?

Can Hydrafacial be combined with other procedures?

Hydrafacial can be performed in conjunction with several other skin treatments. It is safely combined with injectables–BOTOX and fillers–and non-ablative light and laser treatments such as IPL. For a full list of compatible treatments, talk to your provider.

How often should you get a Hydrafacial?

Results from Hydrafacial are visible immediately and last 5-7 days. Because it is a relatively gentle treatment, patients can undergo Hydrafacial as often as once a month. With frequent treatments, results will be longer lasting. Your skin therapist will recommend a treatment schedule that is tailored to your specific skin needs and goals.

Who can benefit from Hydrafacial?

Because it is so customizable, Hydrafacial is suitable for all skin types and can benefit anyone looking to achieve radiant, healthy-looking skin. 

Some of the ingredients in Hydrafacial are not recommended for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding but the treatment can be modified to make it more suitable. Those with certain skin conditions or cancers should not have a Hydrafacial, but this will be discussed with your provider. 

As always, it is important to tell your provider about any medical conditions you have or medications you may be taking to avoid adverse reactions to ensure you reach your optimum results.

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