When defining our practice goals, there are three aspects to highlight:

1. We desire our surgical results to deliver a natural rejuvenation of our patients underlying features and anatomy.

For most people, pursuing a cosmetic procedure is not an attempt at changing who they are, but done to help them feel more confident about themselves. Our aim is to guide you through your personal transformation with results that maintain your sense of self while accentuating your best features, striving for a NATURAL, REJUVENATED result.

2. We partner with you to produce the best possible outcome by focusing on YOUR specific needs.

This process begins with PATIENT EDUCATION. We ensure you have a fully informed understanding of the underlying anatomic issues, and the possibilities and limitations of the techniques available to produce the best results for you. Setting these proper expectations sets the foundation for successful aesthetic surgery.

3. Finally, these results are delivered to you in a warm, first-rate environment, placing PATIENT SAFETY first.

We, along with our highly trained staff, achieve this goal with our attention to detail, using top of the line equipment/supplies in our properly credentialed and immaculately maintained facility. We take pride in comforting and getting to know you, and feel privileged to have the opportunity to make a difference in our patients’ lives.

We look forward to providing you with this ultimate patient experience.