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Epicanthoplasty (Medial)

Removes or modifies the inner eye fold, enhancing eye shape and appearance.

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Epicanthoplasty (Medial)

Eyelid epicanthoplasty, also known as medial epicanthoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to enhance the appearance of the inner corners of the eyes. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with double eyelid surgery or other eyelid procedures and can help to create a more balanced and symmetrical look.

The medial epicanthal fold is a small flap of skin that is present in the inner corner of the eye and it plays a distinct role in the formation and appearance of the eyelid crease.
This fold can create a rounded or angled appearance to the eye and may be more pronounced in some individuals than others. Medial epicanthoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes or repositions this flap of skin to create a more horizontally open and defined look to the eyes.

The goal of a medial epicanthoplasty is to release or partially release and excise the medial epicanthal fold, a fold comprised of excess skin present in the inner corner of the eyes. The removal of some of this skin will make the medial aspect of the double crease more visible, and can also make the eye appear more open and awake.

In some cases, skin removal is not necessary, and a subtle, elegant repositioning of the skin will achieve the desired result with minimal visible scarring. It is important to note that the epicanthal fold is partially responsible for the almond-shaped eyes common in Asian anatomy, therefore it is up to you how much or how little of this fold is removed. Eyelid epicanthoplasty can be tailored to each individual’s unique needs and goals. The procedure can be performed on one or both eyes and can be customized to achieve the desired level of definition and symmetry.

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