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Revision Double Eyelid Surgery

Corrects and improves previous surgery results, addressing asymmetry, scarring, and other concerns.

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Double Eyelid Surgery Revision

Are you not satisfied with your results from a previous Double Eyelid surgery?

Double eyelid surgery is generally safe and effective, but there are instances where patients may require revision surgery to correct issues such as asymmetry, unevenness, or dissatisfaction with the initial results.

Revision double eyelid surgery is a specialized procedure that is designed to correct issues with a previous double eyelid surgery. The procedure can address a range of concerns, including:

Uneven or asymmetrical creases:

One of the most common reasons for revision double eyelid surgery is uneven or asymmetrical creases. This can occur when the initial surgery does not create a consistent or symmetrical crease on both eyelids. Revision surgery can correct this issue by creating a more balanced and even crease on both eyelids.

Unnatural or unsatisfactory results:

Some patients may be unsatisfied with the results of their initial double eyelid surgery. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as a crease that is too high or too low, or a crease that appears unnatural or obvious. Revision surgery can help to create a more natural and satisfactory result.

Complications from the initial surgery:

While rare, complications can occur after any surgical procedure. In some cases, patients may experience issues such as scarring, infection, or damage to the eyelid muscles after their initial double eyelid surgery. Revision surgery can address these issues and help to improve the overall appearance of the eyelids.

Aging or changes in the eyelids:

Over time, the appearance of the eyelids can change due to factors such as aging, weight loss or gain, or other health issues. Revision surgery can help to address these changes and restore a more youthful and refreshed appearance to the eyes.

Although revision surgery is much more challenging than primary double eyelid surgery, it may be a great option to finally achieve the results for which you have been looking.

Dr. Amadi is sought out by patients across the country for revision double eyelid surgery. He has extensive experience and knowledge and is able to correct some of the toughest cases which often require additional fat grafting to create the most natural results.

During a consultation with Dr. Amadi, you can thoroughly discuss your concerns. He will recommend techniques and procedures to achieve the results you have been looking for and enjoy a more confident and expressive appearance.. You should feel confident that you are in the best hands with Dr.Amadi.

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Revision Double Eyelid Surgery

Corrects and improves previous surgery results, addressing asymmetry, scarring, and other concerns.

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Dr. AJ Amadi


Dr. AJ Amadi

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