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Patient #1831

This is a 55 year old woman who presented to Dr. Amadi with complaints of heavy upper eyelids and lower eyelid bags/wrinkles that made her look both sleepy and tired. She presented Dr. Amadi with a challenge: She has prominent eyes which makes her a relatively high risk candidate for lower eyelid malposition as she has “negative vector” lower eyelids, specially when skin excision is necessary. Dr. Amadi extensively discussed these factors with the patients prior to surgery and explained the need for additional lower eyelid support to minimize risk. He also diagnosed her upper eyelid ptosis (droop) which made her eyes look “sleepy”. He performed internal approach upper eyelid ptosis repair along with a skin/muscle flap to address the significant wrinkling. He also added an internal hard palate graft to support the lower eyelids (retraction repair) against being pulled down or out from post operative scarring. The results are impressive as Dr. Amadi has preserved and enhance the aesthetics of her eye. She still has mild crepiness to the skin which she plans on improving with Dr. Amadi’s signature chemical peel, the AmadiPeel.

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