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Cheek Lift/Implant

The cheek (midface) is an often overlooked but incredibly important structure in facial rejuvenation, specifically in improving the periocular sagging structures.

The ideal anatomy of a youthful lower eyelid is a smooth transition to the cheek so that it is difficult to see the transition zone between the two regions. The aging process affects the cheek by a combination of descent and loss of volume, which may be compounded by a week cheek bone (maxilla). A cheek lift, which elevates the soft tissue of the midface is often performed in conjunction with an eyelid lift. Dr. Amadi will evaluate your facial anatomy to help identify whether a cheek lift, or less commonly a cheek implant to augment your facial bone structure, would be a good complement to the rejuvenation of your eyelids.

aging-cheek.jpg cheek-lift.jpg

Aging Cheek:  As you age, the cheek fat (malar fat pad) descends and deflates. This elongates the lower eyelid and creates a separation between the eyelid and cheek. This separation is often called the tear trough or orbital hollow

Cheek Lift: The youthful cheek sits high on the cheek bone and allows for a smooth transition between he lower eyelid and cheek. A cheek lift, sometimes combine with fat transfer, can recreated this rejuvenated appearance.


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