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Facial waxing can provide several weeks, if not months, of smooth, hair-free skin. 

Our master esthetician will help you treat unwanted facial hair through our facial waxing services. It involves pulling the hair out from the root, allowing you to achieve much longer lasting results than shaving.  Facial waxing is one of the quickest ways to help smooth the look and feel of your skin.  Removing facial hair and “peach fuzz” creates a cleaner, more defined look and allows for flawless application of make-up in the weeks following your appointment.  Our master esthetician will help you feel relaxed during the hair removal process and work with you to minimize discomfort. 

All facial waxing services at Amadi Aesthetics Plastic Surgery are performed by our master esthetician.  She will walk you through the process from beginning to end to make sure you are happy and comfortable with the treatment itself as well as the results.

Best Candidates For Waxing:

  • Have hair at least 1/8-inch-long at the waxing site
  • Are not using Accutane, antibiotics, or any medications that make the skin thinner or more sensitive
  • Have stopped using retinol and aggressive exfoliating product like Retin-A and Alpha hydroxy Acids (AHAS) at least three days before treatment
  • Have no open sores or sunburn in the treatment area
  • Are not undergoing treatment for diabetes
  • Are not undergoing chemotherapy

At your appointment, our master esthetician will examine the waxing site to ensure there are no issues. She will also talk to you about your goals for the waxing session and outline your aftercare and how long you can expect the results to last.


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