Ptosis Repair Surgery

A droopy eyelid, technically called eyelid ptosis, is often a problem seen in Asian eyelids

This makes the Asian eye seem smaller than the caucasian eyelid because it makes the vertical distance between the upper and lower eyelids smaller. This is often a common problem in combination with a monolid. Ptosis repair is a very challenging surgery with multiple techniques available. The contour of the eyelid can be affected by this surgery so meticulous technique is required.  As an Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon (Oculoplastics), Dr. Amadi has extensive experience and training in eyelid ptosis repair, especially in combination with Double Eyelid Surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Amadi will diagnose whether you have eyelid ptosis and provide you a surgery simulation which will show you how ptosis repair can improve your eyelid appearance. 

Ptosis Repair Procedures
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