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"Dr. Amadi and his staff were so wonderful to work with.

They were professional and sincerely friendly. They were very caring as well and made me feel at ease. Dr. Amadi is personable and is wonderful at making you feel comfortable. He did an amazing job with my eye surgery. He’s a lifesaver. He ended up correcting another surgeon's work and I could not be happier. Dr. Amadi was highly recommended to me by another plastic eye surgeon that I initially went to for a consultation. She was honest with me and told me that she wouldn’t be able to give me the results that I was hoping for because it was too complicated of a Ptosis revision surgery for her to correct. She ended up referring me to Dr.Amadi who she considered to be the best in the northwest. I’m so glad she did because Dr. Amadi did such an amazing job. I’m really happy with the results. I highly recommend him if you are considering ptosis surgery or any eye/eyelid related procedures. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my eyes. I was very impressed with his precision and expertise and regret not doing my research sooner and going to Dr. Amadi in the first place. My initial Ptosis surgery was done by an ophthalmologist who made my eyelids uneven and droopy on one side but thanks to Dr. Amadi, I don’t have that problem anymore."

- Eye Surgery Patient

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I chose Dr. Amadi for several reasons, first and foremost I wanted a specialist in blepharoplasty and he is a highly accredited Ocular Surgeon.

Blepharoplasty PatientSeattle, WA
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