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Revision Double Eyelid Surgery

Patient #1246

This 22 year-old Asian woman came in very unhappy with her Double-Eyelid surgery that she had performed overseas a year earlier. The right eyelid crease is poorly formed and the creases were too high on both sides with quite visible scars. She was extremely disappointed with the results from the overseas surgeon and came to Dr. Amadi looking for help.  Dr. Amadi performed a Revision Asian Blepharoplasty with scar excision and lid crease reformation to achieve a significant improvement for this young woman. Revision surgeries are extremely challenging and results are never as predictable as original surgeries. Dr. Amadi was able to set the proper expectations that the goal was to create an improvement and that perfect symmetry would not be possible. She was so happy with the results and was glad she came to Dr. Amadi for corrective surgery.

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