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Revision Double Eyelid Surgery

Patient #1454

This 25 year old patient presented with complainst of poor eyelid crease as well as eyelid asymmetry. She had double eyelid surery with a well-known general plastic in the K-town area of Los Angeles, but displeased with her results. Although ger long lashes prevent great visibility, preoperatively on the left photo, she had poorly defined primary crease, with “sausage” skin roll above the lashes creating a secondary crease. On the left side her primary crease was better defined, but still has a secondary crease just above the lash line due to skin and poor eyelid platform. Dr. Amadi performed revision double eyelid surery, reinforcing a sinle primary crease line which created a more defined eyelid platform above ther lashes. She was thrilled with her revision results.

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